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Tips on buying adjustable dumbbells

If you are planning to stock your home gym, then you have probably thought about buying a pair of dumbbells. Dumbbells are important fitness equipment, and with adjustable dumbbells, it becomes even better. When looking for fitness equipment, it is important to consider buying equipment that offers you a holistic workout. Adjustable dumbbells not only offer holistic workout but they can also be used by other members of the family. Just like the name suggests, with adjustable dumbbells you have the freedom to make adjustments in weight resistance depending on your capability and fitness goal. Here is a guideline on how to buy adjustable dumbbells.

How to buy adjustable dumbbells

Method of weight adjustment

The method of weight adjustment will determine the type of dumbbells that you buy. Some dumbbells require you to dial the weight on the set, and automatically you get the resistant that you want. These are digital and automatic dumbbells, and you don’t have to do anything manually. We also have the selector pin dumbbells where you use the pins to adjust the weights. The manual dumbbells mean that you have to add the plates manually to achieve the weight that you want.


Your fitness needs

Your fitness needs will determine the type of dumbbells that you buy. You need to determine the minimum and the maximum weights that you need your dumbbells to have. This will help you in determining the type of dumbbells that you buy. Choosing the wrong maximum and minimum weight adjustment might not give you the right fitness experience that you need so make sure that you consider this aspect.

Make sure the plates are firm

If you decide to buy the dumbbells where you need to adjust the weights using plates manually, then you need to be more careful. In some dumbbells, the plates keep sliding, and this makes it very uncomfortable when trying to lift the weight. Make sure you look for one that has firm dumbbells to prevent the plates from sliding all the time.


Size and storage

If you are just equipping your home gym, then space and storage are definitely a consideration. You need to look for dumbbells that will not take much of your space. You also need to consider how you will be keeping them after doing your workout.

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